Message from the Head Coach

Cheerleading is one the fastest growing sports in the UK which has seen the numbers of programmes triple in the last 5 years!  This is great news for the young people up and down the country who give up hours of their time developing and progressing their skills through this fantastic team sport.

The Vista Twisters have been working hard throughout the summer to push the limits of cheerleading even further and are pleased to introduce a new youth and senior team into the 2014/15 season.

The Vista Twisters had an amazing 2013/14 season with 2 new teams being added to our ever growing Twister family!  This year we have 6 competitive teams along with a general class which is open to all young people aged 4-25 years.

Our competitive programme consists of: Ignite-Mini level 1: These minis are extraordinary with their skill and determination.  They placed 2nd at the last two competitions, an amazing achievement for such a young team with the average age being only 6 years old!  Heat-Youth level 1: A brand new team for the 2014/15 who are achieving great things already-this is a team full of dedication and passion, we can’t wait to see what they achieve in their first season.  Nemesis-Junior level 1: The fiercest juniors you could ever meet, this team are improving week by week and raising the bar with their hard work and skill level-its going to be exciting watching this team grow!  Inferno-senior level2: The most hard working athletes you could ever find.  This team push the limits of level 2 and are the most determined athletes aiming for the top through team work and confidence-its going to be an exciting year for this team.  Blaze-Senior coedlevel 3: This team has moved from the all girl division to the co-ed division and are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year.  This team is the team with the attitude to be the best they can be.  Senior Elite-Senior all girl level 4: ‘No boys no problem’ is the motto of this team, working and pushing to their limits week after week.  This team are making their debut this season and are the team that everyone aspires to be on one day-the proof that with hard work anything is possible!