ICC Southern Championships

Saturday 30th January and Sunday 1st February saw the Twisters travel to Guildford for the ICC Southern Championships, a competition they haven’t entered since 2012!

First to take to the mat was the mini 1 team Ignite, fierce is this teams middle name. Ignite is a team with an average age of 7 years old and they are a force to be reckoned with!  They hit a perfect routine with style and confidence and came home with a worthy second place trophy out of a tough division of 7!

Next up was the brand new youth team-Heat.  This team have only been together for 6 months and the team work they demonstrate is inspiring; working together through the good and the tough times!  Heat competed with determination coming home with 4th out of 9 experienced and well known teams!

Nemesis had a long wait and took to the floor just after lunch, competing with passion and attitude they did not disappoint the judges and spectators.  Their routine was performed with precision and they came away with a fully deserved 1st place trophy out of a division of 4 high class programmes.

Sunday it was the seniors turn and with a party atmosphere the arena was full to capacity.  Inferno led the way in the senior 2 division, the division that is always stacked with a huge amount of talent up and down the country.  Inferno hit their routine and performed as one family encouraging each other every step of the way earning themselves a fantastic 3rd out of 7 very close teams.

The Twisters coed 3 team were next, could ‘Blaze’ carry on their undefeated season!  They lit up the floor with their personality and flare and succeeded in their quest for 1st place again out of 3 teams.

Last but not least it was Senior Elite-all girl 4’s turn to step onto the mat.  This team is one of the most hard working teams with one goal-to succeed!  Success was certainly on the menu for Senior Elite and after a fabulous performance they also came home with 1st place-another undefeated Twister team this year.

The Twisters have a mind-set that anything is possible and if you want something bad enough you must work hard to make it a reality.  This motto is what drives all 108 athletes to succeed in both training and competition, always being the best they can be!

Next stop Nationals!


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