Club Rules

VT Handbook Section 7 –  Club Rules

The following is a list of commitments, rules and promises that we believe makes our club successful and respects our TEAM sport. By signing the club registration form, athletes, parents/guardians and carers are formally signing up to all of the commitments and rules stated below. These rules are not just guidance. They may be used as part of the clubs disciplinary procedure and can be referred to in any situation that involves the actions or behavior of coaches, athletes, parents/guardians and supporters.

A         What is expected of a Twister?

Embrace the spirit of Cheerleading.

  • Treat everyone in the club, and in other clubs, with courtesy and respect.
  • Train and compete to the best of your ability and do your best to attend every training session, your squad needs you.
  • Always be punctual for training, competitions and events.
  • Dress appropriately at all times. Be proud of your appearance.
  • Hair should be tied back and no hats to be worn during training.
  • Never wear jewelry when training or competing.
  • Behave appropriately at all times and set a positive example.
  • Treat social media positively. Do not create or join in with any online thread that is negative about yourselves or others.
  • Talk to your coach if you have any problems.
  • SMILE and most importantly, enjoy being a cheerleader!


Embrace the spirit of Cheerleading and treat everyone in the club, and in other clubs, with courtesy and respect.

  • Ensure Cheerleaders are in the right place at the right time e.g. training, competitions etc.
  • Treat social media positively. Please do not create or join in with any online thread that is negative about the Club or other Clubs.
  • Do not undermine coaches with open negative comments or views. If you really want to be a coach, then we would happily help you achieve this.
  • Do not allow or encourage under 18’s to consume alcohol or purchase on their behalf at any THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW.
  • Talk to coaches if you have an issue that cannot be dealt with via other means e.g. email. Be aware that coach’s time before and after session may be limited.
  • Coaches will place all athletes on a team they believe to be the most appropriate for them and to aid the general success of the Twister programme-please trust in them.
  • SCREAM as loud as possible at events, but don’t forget to applaud our competitors.

 C          ATTENDANCE Policy

All-star cheerleading is a physically demanding team sport which relies on coordinating large groups in a choreographed routine of stunts and jumps, tumbling and dance. It takes time and dedication to get to the standards we strive for. As a result we do operate strict attendance guidelines. One person missing from a team can significantly disrupt training and can create safety issues.

The following policy is neither adaptable nor discriminative:

  • Once a cheerleader agrees to join a competing squad, all training sessions should be attended (including extra sessions). Athletes must not miss the 2 training sessions before ANY competition for ANY reason.
  • Athletes MUST be available for all competition dates, no exceptions accepted.
  • Requested absences from training should be discussed with the team coach and emailed to the team coach or Programme Manager (Sarah Kemp) with a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice.
  • Approval of absence is always at the coach’s discretion. There are no fee refunds for any sessions missed and persistent failure to attend may result in removal from the squad. Messages regarding absences must not be sent with another member of the team.
  • Athletes registering 3 unexcused absences will be replaced on the team with no monies being    
  • From time to time the Club may take part in carnivals, fetes, parades and other charitable events. The majority of events are voluntary however this is an opportunity to promote the Club and support the community as well as generate funds for the Club. Every effort should be made to take part if requested to do so.
  • Social Events – From time to time the Club will arrange social events. All members are encouraged to join in.
  • The Committee will give reasonable notice of all upcoming events via email and social media.
  • Failing to attend practice without informing coaches or being excused may result in removal from the team.
  • Any athlete that misses training due to disciplinary action may lose their place on the team.
  • If, at any time during the season, an athlete’s absences or punctuality are having a negative effect on the team, they may lose their position on the team.


      Graded School event                       Homework/revising (bring homework)

      Significant Illness                            Birthdays/Parties/Concerts

      Significant Injury                            Family Celebrations/Gatherings

      Friend/Family Bereavement         Recreational Sports

                                                                  Holidays 3 weeks before competition


The signing of the club registration form signifies an athlete’s commitment to the Vista Twisters for the entire season stated.

  • Members are required to maintain and uphold the reputation and spirit of the sport and the Club and treat everyone in the club, and in other clubs, with courtesy and respect.
  • Members should not engage in any negative action that may bring the sport and club into disrepute including taking part or creating negative threads on any social media platform.
  • Always adopt a positive attitude to training and respect the instructions and guidance given by all Twister staff and coaches.
  • Always support and assist your team members and others, especially when you may be finding training and competition difficult. Cheerleading is a team sport.
  • Training venues, competition venues and equipment should be respected at all times.
  • All music, routines and videos are the property of Vista twisters and are not to be used for any other purpose. Videos of routines must not be shared without permission.
  • Comply with training and competition dress codes and standards including competition make-up and hair requirements that can change for each event/occasion.
  • Bullying or intimidation of any kind will not be tolerated and will be dealt with promptly.


  • As an ambassador for the Club the Squad Captain must always set an example to the rest of the squad and adhere to, and enforce, the Club Rules at all times. This may mean from time to time intervening in team disputes.
  • Must help and support Twister staff and coaches with organising athletes during training and at competitions.
  • Should act as a peacemaker in the event of any disagreements or incidents and if appropriate report incidents to Twister staff and coaches.
  • Must communicate maturely with coaches and contribute to the improvement and development of all cheerleaders.

F          Training / Competition Schedules 

  • All training and competition schedules will be arranged and communicated by the Committee and Coaches.
  • Schedules may be subject to change by event organisers and routine sessions may be adapted to ensure maximum results. This includes the planning of additional sessions as required.
  • Squad members are required to attend ALL training sessions unless valid reasons are notified in advance to the Coaches.

G         Coaches code of conduct

Coaches will;

  • Use their position to set a positive example to the children, young people and adults they are responsible for.
  • Show respect to others involved in the sport including event organisers and officials, competitors, other coaches, parents and spectators.
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the sport and promote equity, fairness and high standards of behaviour at all times.
  • Respect the decision of competition officials, only challenge decisions according to the event organiser’s guidelines.
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour from anyone.
  • Be gracious in victory and defeat.
  • Always put the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each athlete above everything, including winning.
  • Never engage in or tolerate any form of bullying or intimidation
  • Encourage each athlete to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and performance
  • Ensure all activities I organise are appropriate for the ability level, age and maturity
  • Co-operate fully with others in cheerleading (e.g. officials, doctors, physiotherapists, welfare officers). 


Breach of the Club Rules stated within the handbook may lead to disciplinary action. This will always be a last resort. The Club is committed to resolving disagreements or disputes through discussion and conciliation. Should this not be possible the Club Disciplinary Procedure will be implemented. The board decision in all instances will be final however there will always be a right of appeal.


This procedure is designed to help and encourage all Club members, parents, guardians, carers and supporters to achieve and maintain standards of conduct and attendance. This procedure applies to all members and participants, the aim being to ensure consistent and fair treatment for all in the organisation. 


Informal action will be considered, where appropriate, to resolve problems. No disciplinary action will be taken against a member until the matter has been fully investigated.

Disciplinary action will always be a last resort. For formal action the member or participant will be advised of the nature of the matter and will be given the opportunity to state their case before any decision is made.

No member or participant will be dismissed or barred for a breach of Club rules except in extreme cases. Members will have the right to appeal against any disciplinary action.


The first formal stage of the procedure will normally be either; 

Yellow Card – (Request to Improve) Issued when a member/participant has acted in a manner that is considered a minor breach of Club Rules e.g. Matters relating to performance, lack of effort, absenteeism.

Orange Card – (Warning) Issued for a breach of Club Rules is considered serious enough to require formal recording and action. This will be set out in writing explaining the nature of the issue.

Red Card – (Dismissal) Issued for a serious breach of Club Rules, or persistent misconduct, or failure to improve behaviour.


 Authority to implement the disciplinary procedure may be given only by the Programme Manager or Programme Director. The disciplinary procedure will be managed in accordance with the following framework which may from time to time be adjusted to account for changes to the board structure:                                                                                                                              LEVEL                    RESPONSIBILITY                             

               Yellow Card           Squad Coach/Programme Director

               Orange Card          Programme Director/Programme Manager

               Red Card                Programme Director/Secretary & Welfare Officer

               APPEAL                 Club Chairman


 Members may appeal against decisions relating to the issuing of Orange and Red Cards only and by stating the case in writing to the Club Chairman.  Due to the size of the Club it may be necessary for the appeal to be heard by the person who conducted the original disciplinary meeting. It is essential that any appeal clearly states the reasons for appealing against any decision taken.