Code of Conduct for Coaches, Volunteers, and Club Officials

Vista Twisters advocates the following conduct of good ethical practice in sport

  • be an excellent role model displaying high standards of behaviour and appearance
  • treat all young people equally, and with respect and dignity
  • put the welfare of each young person first – before winning or achieving goals
  • work in an open environment, being visible and identifiable as the coach
  • give enthusiastic and constructive feedback
  • encourage participants to speak openly
  • build balanced relationships based on mutual trust which empowers children to share in the decision making process
  • make sport fun, enjoyable and promote sportsmanship
  • recognise the development needs and capacity of performers
  • ensure equipment and facilities are safe and appropriate to the age and ability of the child
  • involve parents/carers wherever possible, e.g., for the responsibility of their child in the changing rooms. If groups have to be supervised in the changing rooms, always ensure parents/coaches etc work in pairs
  • secure parental consent in writing to act in loco parentis, if the need arises, to give permission for the administration of emergency first aid and / or other medical treatment
  • be aware of any medicines being taken by participants, or existing injuries
  • keep a written record of any injury that occurs, along with details of any treatment given ensure that use of photographic and filming equipment is appropriate and permission of parents/carers has been sought
  • keep up to date with the technical skills, qualifications and insurance

NB totally unacceptable is discrimination, prejudice, oppressive behaviour or language in relation to any of the following – race, culture, age, gender, disability, religion, sexuality or political persuasion